The STP Minor Program Provides aspiring S&T leaders in the undergraduate KAIST community with the oportunity to learn about the issues and problems of policymaking for S&T. Through the program, students will acquire the frameworks and tools to understand the various institutions, political, social, historical, and cultural factors that affect and are affected by S&T development. Students also meet and interact with current leaders and practitioners of S&T policy through regular colloquia, special lectures, or internships with public organizations.

Mandatory Credits

A minimum of 18 credits (excluding research credits) is required for successful completion of the program. The program consists of one required core course (STP230 or STP310) and several elective courses.


3 credits of the research requirement can be earned through an internship.

Double-Counting Credits(for undergraduate students admitted in or before 2015)

When students take a cross-listed course jointly offered by STP and another department, they may double count the credits from the course toward the requirements of both departments. Students may double count a maximum of 9 units.
Credits from STP 110 may be counted either toward the degree requirement of STP or the university’s general education requirements. Double counting is not allowed for STP110.

Credits cannot be double-counted toward the fulfillment of other major, minor, or liberal arts requirements for undergraduate sudents admitted in or after 2016