Classification Subject No. Subject Name Lecture : Lab. : Credit
Mandatory General Course CC010 리더쉽 강좌 1:0:0
CC020 윤리 및 안전 I 3:0:3(4)
CC500 Scientific Writing 1AU
Mandatory Major Course STP601 Survey in Science, Technology, and Public Policy 3:0:3(8)
STP611 Survey in Science and technology Studies 3:0:3(8)
Elective Course STP501 Science, Technology, and Development 3:0:3(8)
STP502 State Bureaucracy and Regulation 3:0:3(8)
STP503 History of Modern Science 3:0:3(8)
STP504 Research Organizations 3:0:3(8)
STP505 Survey in Intellectual Property 3:0:3(8)
STP506 Education and Policy 3:0:3(8)
STP509 Risk Assessment & Management 3:0:3(8)
STP510 National Innovation System 3:0:3(8)
STP511 National Security & Global Strategy 3:0:3(8)
STP512 Science, Business and Politics: A Historiographical Survey 3:0:3(8)
STP513 Political Economy of Science & Technology 3:0:3(8)
STP514 Philosophy of Science Policy 3:0:3(8)
STP515 High-Techn Industry Policy 3:0:3
STP516 Popularization of Science 3:0:3
STP530 Science & Technology Transition and Economic Growth 3:0:3
STP550 Economic Analysis of Public Policy 3:0:3
STP552 National R&D Management 3:0:3
STP560 Special Topics in Science, Technology and Social Problem 3:0:3
STP602 Quantitative Analysis in Public Policy 3:0:3(8)
STP604 Environmentalism and Environmental Policy 3:0:3(8)
STP605 Biotechnoloogy and Law 3:0:3(8)
STP606 E-Goverment and Policy 3:0:3(8)
STP607 Science & Empire 3:0:3(8)
STP608 Institution and Policy 3:0:3(8)
STP610 Research Seminar on Universities and Higher Education Systems 3:0:3(8)
STP612 Mobility, Power, and Policy 3:0:3
STP613 Biomedical and Health Policy 3:0:3
STP614 Life, Science and Culture 3:0:3
STP615 The Ethics and Govermance of Emerging Technologies 3:0:3
STP616 NGO Studies 3:0:3
STP617 Science of Science Policy 3:0:3
STP618 Technology Foresight and Imagination 3:0:3
STP619 Environmental Politics 3:0:3
STP620 Anthropology of Science and Technology 3:0:3
STP621 Science and Nationalism 3:0:3
STP622 Technology for Social Justice 3:0:3
STP623 Technology and Urban Policy 3:0:3
STP624 Science, Law and Regulation 3:0:3
STP625 Aging & Technology 3:0:3
STP626 AI and Robot Policy 3:0:3
STP650 Theories of Policy Sciences 3:0:3
STP660 Survey in Anthropocene Studies 3:0:3
STP701 Science and the City: Making a Culture of Innovation 3:0:3(8)
STP702 Advanced Special Topics in Science and Technology Policy 3:0:3
Research STP960 논문연구(석사) 0:3:3
STP965 개별연구(석사) 0:6:1
STP966 세미나(석사) 1:0:1
STP980 논문연구(박사) 0:0:0
STP981 논문발표와 출판 세미나 1:0:1
STP986 세미나(박사) 1:0:1
STP998 Internship in Science and Technology Policy 0:18:3