Center for
Anthropocene Studies
Center Director Buhm Soon Park

The Anthropocene is a recently proposed geological epoch to reflect the fact that human activities – be they scientific, industrial, or economic – have made a profound impact on the planet.

The Anthropocene is not only a scientific concept but also a new worldview and paradigm for knowledge production, urging for an integrated approach to the phenomenon. ​ The Center for Anthropocene Studies was founded in the above background.

With the keyword of “Human and Earth in the Anthropocene,” the Center aims to provoke a paradigm shift in academic research, public policy, and artistic creation. ​

The Center has been financially and institutionally supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Korea Policy Center for the Fourth
Industrial Revolution (KPC4IR)
Director So Young Kim

We aim to understand and shape the technological forces underpinning the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to prepare Korea and the world to succeed in the era of unprecedented radical changes.

The Korea Policy Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (KPC4IR) is a team of renowned professors and researchers collaborating with The World Economic Forum (WEF) and other foremost institutions in the domains of digital transformation to pioneer new approaches to technology, policy, and governance for the era of 4IR.

We believe that the new era calls for open and collaborative approaches to help societies figure out new pertinent questions that emerge with radical digital technologies. Our research and policy pilots in collaboration with global organizations help the governments and industries to cope and thrive in the digital age. Also by sharing the state of the art research, new global best practices, new innovation, and regulatory methods, we enable the Korean government and industries to take the right approaches to stimulate the digital economy and become a role model for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

KPC4IR is part of KAIST, a globally renowned university with a rich history of leadership in creating global value for engineering, science, and technology. And also part of the KAIST Institute, which is a multi-disciplinary team of world-class professors and researchers who are at cutting age in 4IR technologies and research. Together with our global partners, we are uniquely positioned to understand and shape emerging technologies and governance of 4IR for a better and inclusive digital Era.